Banned. Book Club

November 14, 2020 - Graphic Novel, Reviews
Author: Kim Hyun Sook
Publisher: Spike Trotman

This book is about the story of a college freshman experiencing political strife in her school life. She finds herself joining and anti-government activist group, the book club, and learning about how she can protest against her current government and the atrocities it commits. This book is written in a Japanese styled manga text with English wording. The drawings are beautifully sketched and the spacing of words per page doesn’t make it seem like a hard read. Some passages about the family understanding she’s a activist include, “I hope you find your answers in the right places, your dad and I talked. You’re busy these days. IF you don’t want to keep working in the restaurant, you don’t have too We’ll pay for your books.” Reading this book subtle educated one about the personal experience of people living in South Korea during the Republic era. This book doesn’t seem like a historical read but if looked at with experienced eye, a reader can notice the education behind the pages. This graphic novel keeps the reader turning the page wanting to know more, it makes one feel for the characters and want the best situation for them to happen. It has action, comedy, love, grief, and history all put into one educational graphic novel.