Get Reviewing

5 Steps to Writing a Book Review – click the link!

SUNY Geneseo is proud to host the second ever National Book Review Month, following on last year’s launch: a chance for each of us to tell the world about what we’ve been reading recently, and what we think others should be reading. Here’s how to Get Reviewing for #narmo 2018

1. Read a book

Something recent, something others won’t already know about, is ideal. If you’re stuck for ideas, look here, here, or here.

2. Write a review – as short as 100 words, as long as 1,000, longer if you like. Check out our 5 Steps to Writing a Book Review for further tips.

• What happens in it?
• What can you say about its style and form—the way it’s written?
• What kept you turning pages?
• What surprised you?
• Keep it balanced: withering put downs and infatuated love notes make the review about you, not the book
• For some wonderful models for reviews, start here, here, and here.

3. Share it!

• Post to
• Tweet to @getreviewing with hashtag #narmo
• Let the publisher/author know!
• Instagram/Snapchat yourself with the book
• Come up with your own way of sharing the review
• Host a reviewing event at a local library/bookstore/school

NaRMo is about readers coming together to share books. Visit and join our mailing list; follow @getreviewing on Twitter and look out for #narmo. Write to us with your ideas or what you’ve been up to: