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“The price I pay for sleeping”: A Review of David Roderick’s The Americans
With my smart phone in hand, I’ve read about the wars and companies America maintains in order to produce my smart phone in hand. Reading about Flint [...]
Author: David Roderick
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Genre: Poetry
Reclaiming Memory and Identity Post-Trauma in Terri Muuss’s Over Exposed
“We have all perhaps read folktales about ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves until their stories are told. There is wisdom in this,” poet Veronica [...]
Author: Terri Muuss
Publisher: Jb Stillwater
Genre: Poetry
Worth Saving: a Review of Greg Pardlo’s Digest
For a collection of poetry that is so intensely contemplative of the concept of fatherhood, Gregory Pardlo’s Digest has a strange way of first introducing [...]
Author: Gregory Pardlo
Publisher: Four Way Books
Genre: Poetry
Hip-Hop Culture in the Spotlight: A Review of The BreakBeat Poets
“The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop” is a ground-breaking poetry anthology that brings the voices of the hip-hop generation to [...]
Author: Kevin Coval
Publisher: Haymarkey Books
Genre: Poetry
The Unique Historical Beauty in One Thousand Things Worth Knowing by Paul Muldoon
One Thousand Things Worth Knowing by Paul Muldoon effortlessly waves historical references like Alexander, Cleopatra (from Saffron) and juxtaposes them [...]
Author: Paul Muldoon
Publisher: Farrrar
Publisher: Straus and Giroux
Genre: Poetry
Sleeplessly Contemplating O’Nights
In her book of poetry, O’Nights, Cecily Parks tackles magnificently the natural and the synthetic. She frames the book with her poems, Hurricane Song and [...]
Author: Cecily Parks
Genre: Poetry
“Taking Liberties we aren’t Comfortable With: A Review of Jennifer H. Fortin’s We Lack in Equipment & Control
Jennifer H. Fortin tends to write in confined spaces that bleed over into each other. She explores life as a construct broken and tends to the [...]
Author: Jennifer H. Fortin
Publisher: H_NGM_N BKS
Genre: Poetry
Motion, Music, and Poetry: A Review of If One of Us Should Fall
I see Nicole Terez Dutton’s collection, If One of Us Should Fall, as an exploration of the tension between motion and stillness. The collection focuses on [...]
Author: Nicole Terez Dutton
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press
Genre: Poetry
Now We’re Getting Somewhere: A Review of John Gallaher’s In A Landscape
A day after relearning roman numerals up to LXXI with John Gallaher’s seventy-one section poem In A Landscape, I was bed-ridden with a fever and found [...]
Author: John Gallaher
Publisher: BOA
Genre: Poetry
“Let us hold each other toward heaven”: A Review of Roger Reeves’ King Me
In his debut poetry collection, King Me, Roger Reeves presents the world as fractured, nearly irredeemable, yet overflowing. With a precision and grace, [...]
Author: Roger Reeves
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Genre: Poetry