A Review of John Lewis’s March Book One

November 17, 2020 - Diverse Books, Graphic Novel, Reviews
Author: John Lewis
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
A Review of John Lewis’s March Book One

The graphic novel March Book One tells the life story of Congressman John Lewis who was one of the key figures of the civil rights movement. In the book congressmen Lewis is explaining his story along with other important events that occurred during the civil rights movement to two young African American men. Throughout his story Lewis highlights his experiences during important civil rights events like the Brown v Board of ed supreme court decision that desegregated schools, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, numerous sit in’s to protest segregation, and his famous speech at the March on Washington. Through his experiences he was able to supplant himself as one of the most influential civil rights activists in America. He became close friends with other highly regarded civil rights activist like Martin Luther King jr. and Rosa Parks. This book gives excellent insight on the amazing life of John Lewis as he rose from being the poor son of a sharecropper in Alabama to an important figure in American history and a successful politician. Along with this, the book gives educational insight on the many important events if the civil rights movement. While being filled with informational insight the novel also has excellent images that portray the storyline smoothly.

I would recommend this book to people of all ages due to its ability to educate the reader on an important part of American history. With the black lives matter movement currently surging through America this book is relevant to everyday life at the current moment. Through his actions Lewis is an example of the correct and effective way to protest against racial injustice. The book explains how Lewis followed Gandhi’s philosophy of civil disobedience which is the refusal to comply with certain laws in a peaceful manner as political protest. Lewis was effective in practicing this policy and therefore explains an effective way to protest. Personally, I believe this book should be implemented into the curriculum of our middle schools throughout America. The book can be used to meet the New York state social studies standards of secondary education. Teachers can implement this book within their lessons when teaching about the civil rights movement. John Lewis is one of the most important and successful figures in American history. His experiences in many different important historical events makes him a historical artifact by himself. After his experiences in with the civil rights movement Lewis went on to become a successful politician. The combination of his experiences and his influential political career makes him one of the most important figures in American history that should be studied by all American citizens. Sadly, Congressmen Lewis passed away this year (2020) ending the incredible story that is his life. His legacy will live on throughout the history books for generations to come. His recent passing is just another reason that everyone should read this wonderful book that celebrates his life.