This Way to the Sugar
Nguyen’s debut poetry book This Way to the Sugar is an intelligent and deeply personal interrogation and exploration of identity. His book covers a broad [...]
Author: Hieu Minh Nguyen
Publisher: Write Bloody Publishing
Genre: Diverse Books
Genre: Poetry
A Thousand Mornings
A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver is a book of poetry that is beautifully written; all of the poems in this collection are eternal, and beg to be read [...]
Author: Mary Oliver
Publisher: SUNY Geneseo
Genre: Poetry
Truthfully, I’m a little torn on whether or not I should write my review on this book as I fear that it’ll be tremendously difficult for any interested [...]
Author: Daniel J. Kiely
Author: Daniel R. Collins
Author: James Feenaughty
Author: Josh McCardle
Author: Kristen Keckler Flory
Author: Liam Fitzgerald O'Kane
Author: Mollie Church
Author: Randy Ahart
Publisher: C. Stoneground
Genre: Poetry
Black Has Always Been The Strongest Color
Claudia Rankine skillfully and powerfully displays the everyday struggles of a black woman in society throughout her beautiful words of poetry and intense [...]
Author: Claudia Rankine
Publisher: Greywolf Press
Genre: Poetry
Poetry & Prosthetics
The Amputee’s Guide to Sex by Jillian Weise is an electric and audacious collection of poetry that shows readers the complexity behind emotional and sexual [...]
Author: Jillian Weise
Publisher: Soft Skull Press
Genre: Poetry
The Sun And Her Review
In this book of poems, Kaur takes you on a literary ride through five sections. Wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming. In these sections, each [...]
Author: Rupi Kaur
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Genre: Poetry
Lighthouse For The Drowning: A Review of the English Half
Lighthouse For The Drowning is Jawdat Fakhreddine’s first U.S. publication, but his poetry is known throughout the global Arab community. A native of [...]
Author: Jawdat Fakhreddine
Publisher: BOA Editions Ltd. Rochester NY
Genre: Poetry
From the cover, readers of Ginger Ko’s Inherit are asked to confront scale: a stark landscape inhabited by a daughter, left to “pull [herself] out of it on [...]
Author: Ginger Ko
Publisher: Sidebrow Books
Genre: Poetry
Bough Down
Karen Green’s Bough Down is a profoundly emotional experience. In terms of form, it bridges the gap between the prose poem and the lyric essay, with [...]
Author: Karen Green
Publisher: siglio
Genre: Non-Fiction
Genre: Poetry
The Crossover
The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander, examines several familial and social struggles including health issues, brotherly feuds and issues of social anxiety. [...]
Author: Kwame Alexander
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Genre: Children's Books
Genre: Poetry