The Rise of Science Models
The bureaus can start interviews with the versions, which is when they will need to try to find those who have appearances which fit their clients’ [...]
Life, Death and Science Fiction Subgenres
The Most Popular Science Fiction Subgenres More information on various kinds of science fair projects can be discovered in many books. Ensure you know what [...]
Confessions of the Fox
I loved this book. The author has a relaxed writing style that is easy to read. There are two stories happening in this book; the story of Jack, “the [...]
Author: Jordy
Author: Rosenberg
Publisher: Random House
Genre: Fiction
This Way to the Sugar
Nguyen’s debut poetry book This Way to the Sugar is an intelligent and deeply personal interrogation and exploration of identity. His book covers a broad [...]
Author: Hieu Minh Nguyen
Publisher: Write Bloody Publishing
Genre: Poetry
A Thousand Mornings
A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver is a book of poetry that is beautifully written; all of the poems in this collection are eternal, and beg to be read [...]
Author: Mary Oliver
Publisher: SUNY Geneseo
Genre: Poetry
Ways to Disappear
In a seemingly biographical manner, Idra Novey, a translator and writer of both Portuguese literature and English prose, writes Ways to Disappear about a [...]
Author: Idra Novey
Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Genre: Fiction
Truthfully, I’m a little torn on whether or not I should write my review on this book as I fear that it’ll be tremendously difficult for any interested [...]
Author: Daniel J. Kiely
Author: Daniel R. Collins
Author: James Feenaughty
Author: Josh McCardle
Author: Kristen Keckler Flory
Author: Liam Fitzgerald O'Kane
Author: Mollie Church
Author: Randy Ahart
Publisher: C. Stoneground
Genre: Poetry
Red: Every Person’s Story
Michael Hall’s Red: A Crayon’s Story is a heart warming story about the journey of identity. The main character, Red, has a red wrapper, but is blue on the [...]
Author: Michael Hall
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Children's Books
Crank is an amazingly evocative book about a teenage girl who gets caught up in drugs. She has to deal with the consequences of getting addicted and having [...]
Author: Elle n Hopkins
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Fiction
Jane Eyre is awesome
This book is amazing, I first read it when in seventh grade and read it 5 times after that. I couldn’t put it down when I was reading it. The drama [...]