Rosa Parks and The Montgomery Bus Boycott

June 8, 2021 - Graphic Novel, Reviews
Author: Connie Colwell Miller
Publisher: Capstone Press
Rosa Parks and The Montgomery Bus Boycott

While looking for a new graphic novel I wanted to choose a topic I have always thought was fascinating. Coming across a graphic novel on Rosa Parks, I knew I would select it as I have always believed she was so brave during her story. The graphic novel Rosa Parks and The Montgomery Bus Boycott, by Connie Colwell Miller, was affordable, short, and easy to read, all while explaining Parks’ story thoroughly. The writing style throughout this story was well written, as it got the main point out while being short and sweet. Rosa Parks’ character in the book was shown to be how she was in the real world: brave, courageous, and determined. I enjoyed how they gave a quick glance on an event from the past, 12 years before her well-known event. Parks got screamed at to get off the bus because she entered through the front door: “If you can’t board through the back, then you can’t ride my bus” (p. 4). This just shows that throughout the years Parks had been determined to gain equal rights, and this had been an ongoing occurrence for 12 years. I really liked how the graphic novel included this to show the readers that this topic was very important to Parks. The author also did a great job including other individuals, such as Martin Luther King Jr., who played an important role in Parks’ life. Parks continued to keep her promise to him of working for civil rights: “We need to keep up the fight” (p. 25). I overall really enjoyed this story and I believe the author did an excellent job explaining it through a graphic novel. With these kinds of topics, graphic novels can be useful by making these subjects more accessible. As graphic novels include pictures, it is easier to understand the concepts as while you read you can visualize what is happening. This makes it more accessible. Additionally, because they are not expensive books, and are more on the shorter side of length, those who may not be the best readers can understand.
—Christina Piotrowski, CMRD101 Fall 2020