A Thousand Mornings

March 29, 2018 - Poetry, Reviews
Author: Mary Oliver
Publisher: SUNY Geneseo

A Thousand Mornings by Mary Oliver is a book of poetry that is beautifully written; all of the poems in this collection are eternal, and beg to be read over and over again. In this collection, Oliver stays true to the natural images that her work is known for. Under Oliver’s microscopic view of the natural world, she fearlessly gives form to the natural order of the world, and dissects the experiences that make us human. The tone encompassing the collection is one of kindness, and is at times playful. The collection’s tone welcomes the reader, and guides him or her through the pages: a parent guiding a child. A Thousand Mornings is rich in clarity, and demands attention. Oliver proves once again that she has not only mastered decoding the natural world, but also the world of poetry.


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