Book of the Month Club Creates Modern Reading Experience For Young Book-Lovers

February 9, 2017 - Blog
Book of the Month Club Creates Modern Reading Experience For Young Book-Lovers

It is popular opinion
that print books and the new digital age are at odds with each other. This, however, could not be less true as publishers and other companies in the literary field find innovative ways to connect the two.


A perfect example of this is “Book of the Month Club” which is an online service that delivers books to readers doorsteps once a month for a monthly or yearly rate. The customer is able to choose the book they want to be delivered out of 5 options chosen by the Book of the Month Club judges. Plus, readers can add books to their delivery for only $9.99 extra apiece! Book of the Month Club allows readers to receive new and highly acclaimed literature frequently and always look forward to their next literary adventure!

Book of the Month Club is an online service that highlights the ways in which books, can, in fact, be made modern in a conventional way. The website for Book of the Month Club is sleek and easy to use, allowing customers to easily browse their book choices and pricing options. The most impressive feat of Book of the Month, however, is their social media presence.

Book of the Month Club has impressive Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Blog accounts. Check them out if you have a second after reading this post! These accounts especially attract younger book-lovers, like us here at SUNY Geneseo, as we can receive a social experience along with our reading.

The blog features comical and pop-culture based articles, all surrounding books. One of our recent favorite blog posts was called “Happy Galentine’s Day” focused on the holiday in February, made up by Parks and Recreation character, Leslie Knope. The blog post featured pictures of “gal pals” reading together and highlighted female literary friendships. This is an incredible example of how books can be connected to television and social media platforms in a fun and engaging way.

Book of the Month Club not only acts as an online service to readers but also allows users to interact with their literary peers, read relevant articles about literature and pop culture and view beautiful, colorful photographs of books. Who knew paper and ink could be so pretty?

Overall, Book of the Month Club’s social presence and success is a message to the literary community that technology and social media are not enemies to print books. In fact, when used in the correct way, digital outlets can encourage more people to read and create a well-rounded, unique experience for a modern reader.

The founding mantra of Book of the Month Club is “Is there anything more satisfying than to keep abreast of the best new books of our time as they appear? In reading them, in enjoying them, in talking with others about them, we feel our day taking shape.”

In observing the creative, modern attitude Book of the Month uses in their approach to appreciating books, we can feel the future of the literary community taking shape as well!

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