Cuba: My Revolution

June 8, 2021 - Graphic Novel, Reviews
Author: Inverna Lockpez
Publisher: Vertigo
Cuba: My Revolution

For this book review, I read the graphic novel Cuba: My Revolution, written by Inverna Lockpez. This novel, which follows the story of a young woman named Sonya living in Havana, Cuba, at the time of the rise of Fidel Castro’s revolution, was as tragic to read as it was thrilling. I especially loved the storytelling of the novel, as it was done in such a way that it was easy to see how someone’s morals and opinions can be influenced if they believe they’re fighting for the right cause. Sonya believed in the cause of the revolution almost up until the very end of the book, even though she was imprisoned and tortured by her own comrades and she saw people’s lives falling apart all around her. Seeing the events play out through her perspective was enlightening and provided some explanation as to how the Cuban people at first rallied behind Castro because they believed they were fighting for a free country. Additionally, the images drawn in the novel were powerful and more graphic than I was expecting. This brings me to how graphic novels can be an extremely useful tool for teaching others about complex topics: images give a more powerful message to the mind and simplify the story so that it is easier for the reader to understand. It gives the audience an experience that is more impressionable and impactful overall. In conclusion, Cuba: My Revolution was a spectacular graphic novel with a message that sticks in your head, and I highly recommend it as an eye-opening read.
—Anonymous, CMRD101 Fall 2020