Duncan The Story Dragon

February 25, 2017 - Children's Books, Reviews
Author: Amanda Driscoll
Publisher: Scholastic
Duncan The Story Dragon

The debut picture book by Amanda Driscoll, Duncan the Story Dragon, is a heartwarming tale of a dragon who desires nothing more than a great story and perhaps also a chocolate milkshake. Amanda, a mother of two from Kentucky who was previously a graphic designer, has stated that she has found her true passion with picture books and based on the first that she has provided, I, for one, am glad that she has.
The tale is one of an overly excited dragon who can’t seem to keep his cool during the reading of interesting stories. Try as he might he is unable to complete any story, he then sets off on a journey of his own to attempt to find assistance with this problem. A companion with a similar love for reading comes along to help Duncan attempt to finish his stories. The tale is complimented with vivid pictures in tones that mirror the mood throughout the story.
Duncan’s desperation for closure in his literary adventures is best summed up in the following:
‘“’I just want to finish a book,” said Duncan. “I need to know what happens. Do the pirates find treasure? Does the captain save the ship? Do aliens conquer the earth? “And I want to read those two wonderful words, like the last sip of a chocolate milk shake… ‘The End.’”’
This book speaks very well to the desire to read and the difficulties that one could possess toward that end. As it is a children’s book, this could be an amazingly inspiring story for a young one who has a desire to read that is not quite matched by their ability. Or for a child who has become frustrated difficulties in reading and would benefit from a reading partner. For at the end it is not only a book about reading. It is perhaps more so a book about making a friend with whom you can reach a common, previously unreachable, goal.

Reviewed By: Andrew Gibbs

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