Hades: Lord of the Dead

November 16, 2020 - Graphic Novel, Reviews
Author: George O'Connor
Publisher: First Second
Hades: Lord of the Dead

In one of my education classes this semester, we have been looking at graphic novels. I have never been one to read graphic novels, so I’ve enjoyed getting this new experience. In the class, we had to choose our own graphic novel for a project. I chose the novel Hades: Lord of the Dead, which is part of the Olympians series by George O’Connor. What I liked about the story was that although it was titled after Hades, it really tells the story of Persephone and her mother, Demeter. After Kore gets abducted by Hades, the reader sees her transform into Persephone and really sees her transform into herself. The author relates it to teens by showing them that they can create their own destiny and make their own choices through Persephone. It gives off the same energy as a teenage coming of age story and who doesn’t enjoy that.