NaRMo 2017 Summary

March 23, 2017 - Blog
NaRMo 2017 Summary

Happy March Everyone!

While our favorite month of the year–February–and National Book Review Month have passed, this doesn’t mean the reviewing fun has to stop!

Here at NaRMo we are so excited about how the past month went because we received a ton of great book reviews which you should take a look at here! It is so great to see students and community members passionate about literature. By perusing these reviews you will definitely find your next favorite read!

We also had a ton of fun events such as our Book Reviewing Workshop where students learned the most effective way to write a book review and the All College Hour Speaker, Christine Green, from the Democrat & Chronicle. Green spoke about book reviews and writing and all things literature, keeping everyone intrigued. It was great for college students here at SUNY Geneseo to hear from a professional and for Faculty to hear something new as well.

In addition, our blog has some interesting posts from the past month, so be sure to check those out too! We interviewed alumni, such as Erin Koehler, and the SUNY Geneseo Bookstore manager, Ashley Zaleppa! Plus, some posts discussed the importance of book reviews and how the digital age is affecting modern-day literature.

Overall, NaRMo 2017 in it’s second year was a success and for that we have you to thank! Be sure to check out all the cool NaRMo things that have happened over the past month. Please continue submit reviews, get involved and discuss good literature with your friends. NaRMo is all about appreciating literature and giving books more mainstream attention, so it’s not just all about February–it’s a year long effort!  Be sure to #getreviewing this spring!

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