Off the Sidelines: Raise Your Voice, Change the World

February 23, 2017 - Non-Fiction, Reviews
Author: Kirsten Gillibrand
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Off the Sidelines: Raise Your Voice, Change the World

Off the Sidelines brings the reader through the life events in the childhood of Kirsten Gillibrand and into her early adult life. Gillibrand discusses what it is that shaped her to be the woman she is today and the current experiences she has today as a woman in politics. She gives examples of what is necessary and expected in our current political climate and the ways that she has encountered cultural sexism throughout her career. The reader gains insight into Gillibrand’s early inspirations including her family members and the small events that made a large impact. She goes into describing the important idols in her college and post-graduate career that unbeknownst to her, carved her path to the Senate of the United States.

Gillibrand’s point of view is clear in this quote, “We need new and better policies that support women and allow all women to rise. We need to end the cycle of women studying hard, starting careers, climbing through the ranks, taking time off to care for children, and never again finding a job as good as the one they left.” Here the reader can truly feel the message Gillibrand carries with her throughout her personal and professional life to advance the current state of women.

This book not only offers insight into the life of a woman who has become an idol to many but of a young girl who sought to make a difference, the adversity she faced and faces today and what she has done to overcome that in her daily life. Gillibrand is an advocate for the rights of women around the US and the world.

The current rate of females in politics is a concerning one for any female interested in advancing herself. With few women in positions of political power the necessity for leaders and inspirations is ever-more important for younger generations. Kirsten Gillibrand is one of the 21 female senators in 2017 and has been serving since 2009. Her extensive career makes her a woman to look up to regardless of party lines. Young professionals today, especially young female professionals need more women like Gillibrand to aspire to and her story is one to be told for generations.

Reviewed By: Shannon Haggerty

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