On Modern Romance

February 19, 2016 - Non-Fiction, Reviews
Author: Aziz Ansari
Publisher: Penguin House
On Modern Romance

Over the course of the last few months, I had the pleasure of reading Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance. It’s a relatively short read for the avid book-worm, but nonetheless I found myself enraptured in the comedic dialogue used to push the story forward. Ansari’s interpretations of “modern romance” was both relatable and informative, with research and interviews breaking through the otherwise humourous narration for an in-depth analysis on what romance means in the modern era. I’m going to be honest: the only reason it took me a few months to finish this book was because I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I possibly could. Not only did Ansari focus on the lives of Americans, he explored a variety of
cultures, describing the dating scenes and comparing dating attitudes across the world. I was shocked to see just how much relationship ideas have shifted across cultures and times. I couldn’t help but feel hopeful about all the new advantages we have in our technology-driven world. Aziz Ansari does an excellent job detailing the pros and cons of this new world compared to the (honestly very limited) options we had in the past. For someone as timid about the options and challenges the modern world presents to us as I am, I would highly recommend the read.

Reviewed by: Marley DeRosia

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