The Crossover
The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander, examines several familial and social struggles including health issues, brotherly feuds and issues of social anxiety. [...]
Author: Kwame Alexander
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company
Genre: Children's Books
Genre: Poetry
You Nest Here With Me
The educational children’s picture book, You Nest Here With Me is written by Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. The [...]
Author: Jane Yolen and Heidi E. Y. Stemple
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press
Genre: Children's Books
The Black Maria
The country is in unrest, is what they say. And it is. For many it is dangerous. At times, it is numbing and at times it makes little to no sense why we [...]
Author: Aracelis Girmay
Publisher: BOA
Genre: Poetry
Our Numbered Days
I first encountered Neil Hilborn when I came across a viral performance of his original slam piece “OCD” which can be found here. This poem is located in [...]
Author: Neil Hilborn
Publisher: Button Poetry
Genre: Poetry
Marys of the Sea
In the collection, “Marys of the Sea,” Joanna C. Valente forces her readers to walk around with her amongst the debris of her body and mind in the wake of [...]
Author: Joanna C. Valente
Publisher: ELJ Publications
Genre: Poetry
The New Testament
The New Testament is poet Jericho Brown’s gift to black men on how they can learn to love themselves and others despite living in a society that forcefully [...]
Author: Jericho Brown
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Genre: Poetry
We Are As Gods
One of most telling features of Kate Daloz’s book, We Are as Gods, about the Back to the Land movement of the 1970s, is its ability to make the reader [...]
Author: Kate Daloz
Publisher: Public Affairs
Genre: Non-Fiction
Please Excuse This Poem
“Please Excuse This Poem: 100 New Poets for the Next Generation,” a poetry anthology edited by Brett Fletcher Lauer and Lynn Melnick, creates a mosaic of [...]
Author: Brett Fletcher Lauer
Author: Lynn Melnick
Publisher: Viking Penguin
Genre: Poetry
Dog Songs
With a tone of fond thoughtfulness, Mary Oliver crafts poems depicting the many lives and loves of both canine and man. “Dog Songs” details everything [...]
Author: Mary Oliver
Publisher: Penguin House
Genre: Poetry
The Opposite of Loneliness
In May of 2012, Marina Keegan graduated magna cum laude from Yale University. She lost her life in a car accident shortly after. Two years following [...]
Author: Marina Keegan
Publisher: Scribner
Genre: Non-Fiction